Label streets

When labeling streets, use the Maplex Label Engine parameters together to place as many labels as possible.

The following image illustrates street placement, stacking, abbreviation dictionaries, spreading words along the street placement, and placing the label horizontally and centered on the street:

Street labeling

  1. Ensure that the Maplex Label Engine is enabled.
  2. On the Label Position tab, in the Label Class pane, choose Street placement and choose the Centered curved position.
  3. In the Street placement options, check May place label horizontal and centered on the street and set the values for End of Street Clearances as below:
    • Preferred—100% of font width
    • Minimum—100% of font width
  4. Under the Spread labels expander, choose Spread words up to a fixed limit and specify the Maximum value as 300%.
  5. Turn on stacking.
  6. Create and use an abbreviation dictionary for the street endings.