Replace colors in a map

Available with Defense Mapping license.

Available with Production Mapping license.

You can replace the colors in a map from the catalog view using the Replace Colors tool. This tool can be used to update colors in a map and includes specification-driven color changes, in which updates are applied to all colors in a map product.


You can display a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to open the Replace Colors tool for a map by expanding Catalog > View in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. Shortcuts are listed in alphabetical order.

Complete the following steps to access and update colors in a map:

  1. Open an ArcGIS Pro project that contains the map with the colors you want to replace.
  2. On the ribbon, click the View tab.
  3. In the Windows group, click Catalog View Catalog View.

    The catalog view appears.

  4. In the catalog view, double-click the Maps folder.

    The maps in the Maps folder appear in the catalog view and the Manage contextual tab appears on the ribbon.

  5. In the catalog view, click the map that you want to update.
  6. Click the Manage contextual tab and click Replace Colors Replace Colors.

    The Replace Colors dialog box appears with the map you chose in the Item drop-down list.


    Click the Item drop-down arrow to choose a different map.

  7. Click Load Colors.

    The map colors appear in the Replace colors section. The map's current colors appear in the Current Color and Target Color columns. The current colors and target colors are the same unless you change them.

  8. Update the colors by doing any of the following:
    • Click the target color's drop-down arrow and choose a different color from the ArcGIS Colors palette.
    • Click Add color Add color in the Replace colors section to add a new row of colors.
    • Choose a color in the Replace colors section and click Remove colors Remove colors to delete the color or colors. Press the Ctrl key while clicking colors to choose multiple colors individually, or click the first color, and press the Shift key while clicking the final color to specify a range.
    • Click Load colors from color mapping file Load colors from color mapping file in the Replace colors section to open a color mapping file (.ccrx).

    Click Save colors to color mapping file Save colors to color mapping file to export the colors to a .ccrx file that can be reused across maps, layouts, and styles.

  9. Choose one of the following to apply the color updates:
    • Choose Update existing and click OK to apply the updates to the current map.
    • Choose Create new, provide a name for the map in the text box, and click OK to apply the color updates to the new map.

The map colors are updated. If a new map was created, it is saved to the Maps folder.