Add the Slope Guide

Available with Defense Mapping license.

The Slope Guide shows the percentage of slope based on the map scale and contour interval.

Slope Guide

You can change the properties of the Slope Guide element to update dynamically. When set, the Slope Guide searches the associated map frame for one of following feature classes, which you can specify in the Layer source property:

  • TM25_Index
  • TM50_Index
  • TM100_Index

The contour_interval field must be present in the layer source when setting the Contour Field property.

A warning message will appear in the Element pane and the Slope Guide will not be drawn on the layout if invalid element properties are present, such as a map scale that exceeds 1:250,000. Warnings appear one at a time. If there is more than one invalid element, each warning is shown in turn until resolved.

Element pane showing Slope Guide properties with a warning message.

Invalid element properties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Missing map frame
  • Invalid map scale (scales up to 1:250,000 are supported)
  • Invalid contour interval (less than 1m or larger than 200m)
  • Missing contour_interval field in the index table when updating automatically
  • Invalid or null contour interval value in the index table when updating automatically

Insert the Slope Guide

Before inserting the Slope Guide, verify that the associated map frame is active.


The Slope Guide is a supported element for import from ArcMap documents in ArcGIS Pro 2.4 or later.

  1. Verify that the map is in layout view.

    If you don't have a layout set up for your project, add a layout.

  2. Click the Insert tab.
  3. In the Map Surrounds group, click the Additional Surrounds drop-down arrow and choose Slope Guide under Topographic.
    Slope Guide element in the Additional Surrounds drop-down options
  4. Click an insertion point in the active layout to place the new Slope Guide.

    The Slope Guide is added to the layout at the insertion point and remains selected.

  5. Optionally, place the pointer over the selected Slope Guide until the move pointer appears and drag it to a new location.
  6. Optionally, choose a new map frame from the Map frame drop-down list.

    If there are multiple map frames present in the project, the Slope Guide automatically picks the first one with a scale larger than 1:250,000. If there is no Slope Guide with a valid scale, it will pick any map frame.

Once you have inserted the Slope Guide to your layout, you can modify appearance attributes in the Slope Guide contextual tab that appears when you select the Slope Guide in the Contents pane. Additional properties can be configured in the Element pane.

Set Slope Guide properties

You can modify additional Slope Guide properties in the Element pane:

  1. Double-click the Slope Guide in the Contents pane to open the Element pane.

    You can also expand one of the following groups from the Slope Guide contextual tab to open the Element pane:

    • Current Selection
    • Symbol
    • Text Symbol

    The Element pane appears with the Slope Guide properties visible.

  2. Specify the following details in the General section:

    The size commands aren't available for this element because its size is fixed to meet map product specifications.

    • Name—The name of the Slope Guide element as it appears in the Contents pane. The name must be unique.
    • Visible—Check or uncheck this check box to display or hide the slope guide.
    • Locked—Check this check box to prevent changes to the Slope Guide in the layout.

  3. Click the Map frame drop-down arrow to specify a map frame for the Slope Guide to reference.
  4. Click the Layer source drop-down arrow to specify the index feature class layer in the active map for the Slope Guide to reference.
  5. In the Slope Guide section, uncheck the Update Dynamically check box to specify the scale and contour interval manually.

    The following limitations apply:

    • The scale cannot exceed 250,000.

      You can set the map scale at the lower left of the Layout tab.

    • The contour interval cannot exceed 200.

    The Update Dynamically check box is checked by default. When checked, the Slope Guide in the layout updates dynamically based on the active map scale of the associated map and the contour_interval field in the referenced index feature class.

  6. Specify alt text for the element in the Alt Text text box under Accessibility.