Locate route and measures

Available with Location Referencing license.

Use the Locate Route and Measures tool to search for a route and locate measures on it. You can find and zoom to a route, place a marker at a specific measure, digitize a centerline by snapping to that measure marker, and use the resulting centerline in a route editing activity.

  1. Click the Location Referencing tab.
  2. In the Tools group, click the Locate Route and Measures drop-down arrow.

    The Locate Route dialog box appears.

  3. Choose the network that contains the route you want to locate in the Network drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the field you want to use to locate the route in the Field drop-down menu.
  5. Provide the route name in the text box and click the Zoom button Zoom.

    The map zooms to the location of the route, which is highlighted in orange, and the Locate Measures options appear.

    Locate Measures options
    The route is highlighted on the map with the Locate Measures options displayed.

    You can also use the following tools to navigate to the searched route:


    Zoom Zoom

    Zooms to the full geometry of the selected route and centers the view

    Pan Pan

    Moves the view to the center of the route at the current zoom level

    Flash Flash

    Flashes the route on the map

  6. Provide the measure value that you want to locate in the first Locate Measure text box and click the blue measure marker button Measure Marker.

    A blue measure marker Measure Marker with the measure value appears on the map.

  7. Optionally, provide a value in the second Locate Measure text box to locate another measure on the same route.

    An orange measure marker Measure Marker with the measure value appears on the map.

    Locate Route dialog box after measure markers are set

    Depending on your configuration, the Select a Route dialog box may appear for routes that are time sliced:

    Select a Route table

    If a network is published with a time filter, you can set the map to a previous date using the time slider. The measure marker is added on the route according to the time set in the time slider.

    If a network is published without a time filter, the Select a Route table appears, displaying all time ranges of the selected route. Select a time slice for which you want to locate a measure and add a marker.

  8. Once markers are placed at the specified measures along the route, you can do the following:
    • Digitize a centerline by snapping the To Measure points.
    • Click the Reset button Reset to clear all previously located routes and measures on the map.