Remove existing associations

Available with ArcGIS Maritime license.

Use the Association Manager to remove associations from features.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Open a new or an existing project.
  3. Add maritime data to the Contents pane, if necessary.

    The Maritime S-101 tab appears.

  4. On the Maritime S-101 tab, in the S-100 Editing group, click Association Manager Association manager.

    The Association Manager pane appears; it is blank by default. You can customize the view.

  5. In the View Associations By section, check the Show Only Existing check box.
  6. Click Refresh Refresh.

    The Association Manager pane updates to show existing associations.

  7. In the Association Manager pane, click the feature you want to modify.
  8. Expand the association to review the associated feature or features.
    Association Manager pane—expand added features
  9. If necessary, hover over the feature to ensure it is the correct GUID and feature that you want to remove.
    Association Manager features with GUID
  10. Click the Remove button Remove next to a feature to remove it from its associated feature.

    Removing an association is a database edit and is saved to the active workspace.