Add a symbol to your favorites

You can save a customized symbol to your favorites and use the favorites as a palette to add symbols to the map. You can also export favorites to a file to share.

To add a symbol to your favorites, complete the following steps:

  1. On the ribbon, click the tab where you added the Military Symbology Editor tools, and click Military Symbology Editor Military Symbology Editor.
  2. In the Military Symbology Editor pane, with a symbol selected, click the Add Favorite button.

    The symbol is added to your favorites, the Favorites tab opens, and the symbol preview appears.

    You can click in the Filter By text box and type a keyword to search for matching symbols in your favorites.

  3. Click a symbol on the Favorites tab, and click the Add to Map button to add it to the map. To edit the symbol, click the Go to Symbol tab button Go to Symbol tab.
  4. To remove a symbol from your favorites, select the symbol and click the Delete button.

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