Create elevation points from a contour

Available with Production Mapping license.

Available with Defense Mapping license.

Spot heights can be created for digital elevation models (DEMs) and digital terrain elevation data. The elevation values for the spot height features are interpolated based on the point's position on the contour.

The Elevation Point From Contour tool adds elevation points to the contours on a map. The template used with the tool is the point layer that contains the elevation value field. This elevation value is automatically calculated from the raster when the point is created on the map.

  • When you have a DEM or digital terrain elevation data loaded on the map, the elevation values for the points are interpolated based on the point's position on the contour.
  • If you have a .tif or similar file loaded on the map, the elevation values are based on the pixel values in the image.

Complete the following steps to create elevation points from a contour:

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Open a project with elevation data, or load a DEM in the table of contents.

    You must have a point layer, a raster layer, and a contour layer to run this tool.

  3. Choose the template for the elevation points.

    This is typically named ElevP.


    The point layer must contain an elevation attribute; review its attribute table to ensure it does.

  4. On the Edit tab, in the Features group, click Create Features Create Features.

    The Create Features pane appears and lists elevation point layers.

  5. Click the elevation point layer on which you want to add points.

    The create point feature templates appear.

  6. Click Elevation Point From Contour Elevation Point from Contour.

    The Elevation Point From Contour pane appears.

  7. Click Select a contour and select a contour on the map.

    Contours you select on the map are listed in the Elevation Point From Contour pane.

  8. Click a contour in the list to specify values for its Elevation Layer and Elevation Point Attribute parameters.
  9. Click the Elevation Layer drop-down arrow and specify an elevation layer.
  10. Click the Elevation Point Attribute drop-down arrow and specify the field where you want to insert the new point's elevation value.
  11. Click Create.

    The point is created and selected in the map.