Quick tour of ArcGIS Roads and Highways

Available with Location Referencing license.

The following is a high-level overview of the user interface components that allow you to access and execute ArcGIS Roads and Highways functionality.

Location Referencing tab

Roads and Highways provides editing tools in ArcGIS Pro that allow you to identify LRS measure locations and perform LRS-related editing operations.

Location Referencing tab

The Location Referencing tab allows you to perform the following route editing operations:

  • Create routes.
  • Extend routes.
  • Retire routes or portions of routes.
  • Reassign routes or portions of routes (also referred to as splitting or merging routes).
  • Realign routes.
  • Reverse the calibration of routes.
  • Calibrate routes.

You can also perform the following editing operations for centerlines that make up routes:

  • Split a centerline at a clicked location.
  • Split a centerline at a measure location.
  • Merge centerlines.
  • Delete centerlines.

LRS geoprocessing tools

Roads and Highways includes a suite of Location Referencing toolbox geoprocessing tools that support LRS data loading, processing, and transformations.

Roads and Highways for linear referencing capability

Roads and Highways Server extends ArcGIS Server to enable map services with the linear referencing capability and allows you to do the following:

  • Edit events in a multilayer transactional manner.
  • Translate coordinates to measures.
  • Translate measures to coordinates.
  • Translate measures from one linear referencing method (LRM) to another.

ArcGIS Event Editor

Event Editor is a web app delivered with Roads and Highways Server that can be configured against event data published in Roads and Highways Server with the Linear Referencing capability enabled and allows you to do the following:

  • Create and edit event data.
  • Navigate network and event data on the map.
  • Search routes.
  • Change basemaps.
  • Split and merge events.
  • Identifying route measure locations.
  • Select events by route, attribute, geometry, and proximity.
  • Perform event quality control.
  • Redline routes.
  • Save web maps.


You can also create new or edit existing events in ArcGIS Pro using any of the following tools and techniques:

Roadway Reporter

ArcGIS Roadway Reporter is a web app powered by Roads and Highways Server that allows you to create mileage and road segment reports from a map-centric user experience. Roadway Reporter allows you to do the following:

  • Create mileage reports.
  • Create segment reports.
  • Export reports in PDF or CSV format.
  • Save report configurations.
  • Share report configurations.
  • Modify report formats.