Preview a report

When designing a report, it is important to be able to preview it to determine whether the formatting and details are adequately displayed.

To preview a report, click the Preview button Report Preview on the Report tab. The preview window appears.

By default, small images of the first 25 pages are generated and stacked vertically in a panel on the side. This default can be changed on the Report tab of the Project options. Click the settings button Report Options to directly access this option.

The page number currently being previewed is displayed in a text box between four navigational arrows. To navigate to a specific page, type a new page number in the text box and press Enter. Alternatively, use the available navigational arrows:

  • First page First Page—Show the first page of the report preview.
  • Previous page Previous Page—Show the previous page of the report preview.
  • Next page Next Page—Show the next page of the report preview.
  • Last page Last Page—Show the last page of the report preview.
When you navigate to a new page, the image comes into view in the side panel and the main preview updates.

By default, a page is previewed at its full extent. Use the Zoom In Zoom In and Zoom Out Zoom Out buttons to change the magnification. Use the Full Extent button Full Extent to return to the initial view. If you make changes to the report design while the preview window is open, use the Refresh button Refresh to reload the default number of pages.

When you are ready to share the report as a PDF, click the Export Report button Export Report to PDF to open the Export Report pane.

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