00062: Map contains data that does not use the same connection to an enterprise geodatabase

You are sharing a map image layer with an associated feature layer or WFS layer with the Enable transactions option as a web layer or in a web map. Your map or selected layer contains layers or stand-alone tables that reference different enterprise geodatabases or databases, and at least one of the geodatabases or databases referenced in the data frame is registered with the federated server.


  • Copy or move the datasets you want to make available in the service into one of the enterprise geodatabases or enterprise databases registered on the federated server. Once you have all your data in a single enterprise geodatabase or enterprise database, set the data source for the layers so that they all reference this geodatabase or database using the same database connection.
  • If you are sharing a web map, divide the sublayers of the map image layer so that only one source is used in each map image layer.

More information

Web feature layers associated with a map image layer require that all layers and stand-alone tables in the service reference an enterprise geodatabase or a standard enterprise database using a single connection. The enterprise geodatabase or standard enterprise database must be registered with the federated server. See Connect to a database and Database connections in ArcGIS Pro.

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