00101: OGC service's Name property is empty

You are sharing a map image layer or web imagery layer with WMS layer or WCS capability turned on and the OGC service Name property is empty. Name is a required property.


  • Provide a value for the Name service property on the Configuration tab in the Sharing pane.

More information

An OGC service's properties are reflected in its capabilities files so that whoever consumes the service can have a better understanding of the service publisher. When publishing an OGC service with system-generated capabilities files (the default), it is recommended that you populate the OGC service properties except Name, Title, and OnlineResource. The Name and Title service properties are already filled in with the OGC type (WMS or WCS) and the name of the map service or image service, and OnlineResource is already filled in with the URL of the WMS service. In most cases, you should not change those three properties.