00127: <value> uses VBScript and you are publishing to ArcGIS Server (Linux)

Expressions written with VBScript utilizing multiple fields are not supported when publishing to ArcGIS Server (Linux). This affects expressions written for labels and dimensions. The area affected will be indicated by the <value> parameter.


You can either remove the VBScript expression or replace the VBScript expression for one written in Python or JScript.


If you are changing label expressions, ensure that you change expressions for all appropriate label classes. To learn more about label classes, see Use label classes.

More information

Advanced expressions can be written in Python, VBScript, or JScript. You should use Python or JScript to write advanced expressions for Linux-based services. VBScript can be used with the following expressions:

  • Label expressions

    Label expressions are used to customize the text string of your labels. If your label expression uses VBScript, you can update the parser to use either JScript or Python in the Label Class pane. To access the Label Class pane, select the labeled layer in the Contents pane. On the Feature Layer tab set, click the Labeling tab. In the Label Class group, click Expression Label expression.

    To learn more about label classes, see Use label classes.

  • Dimension expressions

    Expressions can be used to define the text displayed for a dimension. Dimensions cannot be modified in ArcGIS Pro.

For more information, see Analyze your GIS resource.