00134: Layer's data source is not supported

You are sharing one of the following and the layer's data source is not supported:

  • Map image layer with an associated feature layer
  • Map image layer with a WFS layer that has transactions enabled (WFS-T)
  • Web scene layer that references registered data


Solutions for this error include the following:

  • Map image layers with feature layers or WFS-T layers shared to a federated server require that all layers and stand-alone tables that will be published reference a single enterprise geodatabase or enterprise database. The enterprise geodatabase or database must be registered with the federated server. No other data sources, such as shapefiles and file geodatabases, are supported.

    1. Import the data referenced by the layer to the enterprise geodatabase registered with the federated server.
    2. Once you have all your data in a single enterprise geodatabase, set the data source for the layers so that they all point to this geodatabase.


      All data referencing an enterprise geodatabase must share a single connection to that database. This error may occur even though the source database is the same. For example, if you have multiple connections to the same database and used different connections to add layers and stand-alone tables to the map, this error occurs when you analyze.

      The data referenced by the layer cannot be a query layer from an enterprise geodatabase.

      Make sure you use a single, common connection to the enterprise geodatabase or database when adding the data to your map or setting the data source for an existing layer.

  • Web scene layers that reference registered data require that layers reference data in an enterprise geodatabase or a file geodatabase. The enterprise geodatabase or file geodatabase must be registered with the federated server. For example, if you are sharing a scene layer that references Revit data that is not in a geodatabase, use the following workflow to import the data to your geodatabase:
    1. Use the BIM File To Geodatabase tool to import the BIM file workspace (Revit file) into a geodatabase feature class.
    2. Use the Make Building Layer tool to create a composite building layer from the feature dataset.
    3. Share the output building layer as a web scene layer.

    If you are sharing web scene layers that reference registered data to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6, the layers must reference data in an enterprise geodatabase.

More information

For more information, see Analyze your GIS resource.