00185: Table is not configured for or cannot be used with the Sync capability

You are sharing a web feature layer that has sync enabled. The data being shared is not configured for sync-based workflows.


  • If the web layer will not be used in sync-based workflows, click the Configuration tab in the sharing pane, click Configure Web Layer Properties Configure Web Layer Properties next to Feature, and uncheck Enable Sync.
  • Configure the data for sync. See More information below for sync requirements.

More information

For sync-based workflows, all tables in the web feature layer must be either versioned and contain a Global ID field or all tables must be nonversioned, have archiving enabled, and contain a Global ID field. If the table participates in a relationship class or has attachments, the relationship class or attachments must be related using a Global ID field as the primary key.

For more information, see Prepare data for use in offline feature services and Analyze your GIS resource.