00186: Datasets with mixed registration types cannot be used with the Sync capability

You are sharing a map or selection of layers as a sync-enabled web feature layer, but the layers are not all registered the same; the web feature layer contains layers that participate in a combination of the following registration types:

  • Branch versioning is enabled.
  • Traditional versioning is enabled.
  • Archiving is enabled and the layer is not versioned.
  • Archiving is enabled and the layer participates in traditional versioning.

All data included in the web feature layer must use the same registration type. For example, you cannot have a layer that is registered for branch versioning and an archive-enabled layer in the same web feature layer if you want to enable the Sync capability.


If you need all the layers in the same sync-enabled web feature layer, ensure each layer uses the same registration type.

If that is not the case, a better option is to publish separate sync-enabled web feature layers, ensuring that each one contains layers that use the same type of registration. You can include all the resultant web feature layers in your offline web map.

More information

For sync-based workflows, all layers in the web feature layer must be either registered as versioned and contain a Global ID field or all layers must be nonversioned, have archiving enabled, and contain a Global ID field. If the layer participates in a relationship class or has attachments, the relationship class or attachments must be related using a Global ID field as the primary key. Additional requirements must be met to take the data offline. See Prepare data for use in offline feature services for information about data requirements.