00191: Invalid feature service capabilities configuration for sync

You are sharing a sync-enabled web feature layer that has an unsupported editing option selected. The unsupported editing options include:

  • Update feature only
  • Add feature only


  • Use an editing option that makes the data read-only. Uncheck the Enable editing and allow editors to: check box to disable editing.
  • Use an editing option that allows all editing workflows. Check the Add, update, and delete features check box to enable all editing operations.

More information

The editing option of a web feature layer determines what editing operations an editor can perform. There are two configurations supported for web feature layers that are used in sync-based workflows:

  • Read-only data—If clients will only require read access to the data they download for offline use, disable all editing. With read-only data, the data cannot be synchronized back to the web layer. This configuration must be used with versioned data.
  • Editable data—If clients will be editing the data when offline and synchronizing the changes with the feature layer when they have connectivity, enable full editing.

If you change the editing capabilities to an unsupported option after sharing the web layer, an error will be returned when clients attempt to download or synchronize data. For example, if you change an existing web feature layer's editing option to Update feature only and the feature layer references versioned data, clients will not be able to download the data.