00226: In-memory joins are not supported

Your layer has an associated join that was created in the map. Publishing web feature layers with in-memory joined attributes is not supported.


Use the following solutions:

  • If your layer and joined data are in the same geodatabase, create a relationship class between the datasets instead of using an in-memory join. For more information about relationship classes, see An overview of the Relationship Classes toolset.
  • Do one of the following:
    • Use the Create Database View tool to create a view. A view is a stored query that selects data from specified tables.
    • Export your layer with the join to a new feature class and use this new feature class in the map.
      1. Select the layer in the Contents pane.
      2. Click the Data tab.
      3. Click the Export Features button in the Export group.
    • Remove the joins from your layer.
      1. Select the layer or table in the Contents pane.
      2. Click the Data tab.
      3. Click the Joins menu in the Relationship group.
      4. Click Remove Join.

Additional information

For more information, see Overview of joins and relates and Analyze your GIS resource.