00227: Cached services do not support map rotation

Your web map or web layer is caching one or more layers from a map that has been rotated. Tile caching is not supported when a map is rotated.

You may encounter this error when you share a web tile layer, a map image layer, or a web map that contains a layer (such as a raster dataset) that will be cached.


  • Remove the rotation from the map.

    Hover over the analyzer message. Click the Options button Options that appears and click Change General Map Properties. On the Map Properties dialog box, on the General tab, change the Rotation to zero.

  • If you are sharing a map image layer, draw the data dynamically instead of caching it.

    In the sharing pane, click the Configuration tab and click the Configure Layers tab Configure Layers. Next to Map Image, click the Configure Web Layer Properties button Configure web layer properties. Under Caching, click the Dynamically from data option.

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