00233: Elevation service has a different projection than the scene's projection

The projection of the elevation service used by your scene is in a different projection than the scene.

When sharing a global scene to ArcGIS Online, elevation services must use the projection of the scene's basemap. Global scenes are always in the WGS 1984 geographic coordinate system but can be shared to ArcGIS Online with a basemap that uses either ArcGIS Online/Bing Maps/Google Maps or the WGS 1984 Geographic Coordinate System, Version 2 tiling scheme.


  • When sharing a local scene, use the default solution to change the projection of the scene to match the projection of the elevation service.
  • Use a different ground elevation service that matches the projection of your scene and uses the same tiling scheme as your basemap. For more information, see Elevation surfaces.

More information

To ensure that your scene displays correctly in all clients, your elevation service, basemap, and all existing services must be in the same projection.

For more information, see Basemap and elevation layers and Analyze your GIS resource.

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