00337: When using the Create a version for each downloaded map Sync Version Creation option with branch versioned data, the data must have replica tracking enabled.  Branch versioned datasets without replica tracking count = <value>

You attempted to publish branch versioned data with the Create a version for each downloaded map sync version creation option enabled, but the data in your map does not have replica tracking enabled.

The count in the message indicates how many layers in your map need to have replica tracking enabled.

Replica tracking is required on all branch versioned datasets included in an ArcGIS Server feature layer that will be used in offline editing workflows that create a replica version each time an editor takes the map offline (Create a version for each downloaded map). This tracking allows you to synchronize branch versioned datasets between the replica version and the default version.


Run the Enable Replica Tracking geoprocessing tool on the branch versioned datasets that you want to include in your feature service. You need to close the project or remove the layers from the map before you can run the tool; their presence in the map causes the feature classes to be locked, which blocks the tool from adding the fields it needs to the feature class.

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