00338: For the Sync Version Creation option Create a version for each user, branch versioned datasets are not supported; layer count=<value>

You attempted to publish branch versioned data with the Create a version for each user sync version creation option enabled. This option is not supported for branch versioned data.

The layer count in the message indicates how many layers in your map are registered for branch versioning and, therefore, cannot be included in an ArcGIS Server feature layer that uses that sync option.


When publishing branch versioned data, the following sync options are supported:

  • None—With this option, all offline edits will be synchronized directly with the default version of the geodatabase.
  • Create a version for each downloaded map—With this option, each time an offline map is downloaded, a replica version is created. Offline edits are synchronized with the replica version.

Use one of these options instead. To help you decide which option to use, see Work with offline maps and branch versioned data in the ArcGIS Enterprise help.

Or, if your feature service does not need to be used in offline workflows, don't enable sync.

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