00364: Stand-alone table, <value>, cannot be published because it is stored in a mobile geodatabase

You attempted to publish a web layer from a map that references a table in a mobile geodatabase. This is not supported.

The <value> parameter refers to the name of the table.


To include the table in a web layer, you must create a copy of the table in a type of geodatabase that is supported. Remove the table that is stored in the mobile geodatabase from the map, and replace it with the table stored in the supported geodatabase type.

  • If you are publishing a map image layer, you can copy the table to a file geodatabase or enterprise geodatabase.
  • If you are publishing a feature layer, copy the table to an enterprise geodatabase.

Register the file or enterprise geodatabase with your active ArcGIS Enterprise portal or stand-alone ArcGIS Server site before you publish again.

More information

See Mobile geodatabases for information about supported functionality in this type of geodatabase.

See Copy feature datasets, feature classes, and tables to a geodatabase for information about how to create a copy of your table in a geodatabase type that supports publishing.

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