00404: Timestamp offset field is not supported with the snapshot option

You are sharing a query layer from a cloud data warehouse that has a timestamp offset field. The layer cannot be shared as a web feature layer or map image layer when the option to create a snapshot is selected.


Do one of the following:

  • Change the data source option if creating a materialized view or accessing the data directly are acceptable alternatives to creating a snapshot.

    Hover over the analyzer message. Click the Options button Options that appears and click Show Data Source Option. Under Data Source, click Create a materialized view or access data directly.

  • If your map contains other query layers that support creating a snapshot, share the supported and unsupported layers as separate web feature layers and map image layers.

    Select the layers in the Contents pane. Right-click any selected layer, point to Sharing, and click Share As Web Layer Publish Web Layer.


    Share one web feature layer or map image layer with a snapshot and the other with the option to create a materialized view or access data directly.

  • Remove the timestamp offset field from the SQL statement of the query layer. For more information, see Modify a query layer.

Additional information

For more information, see Configure a web feature layer, Configure a map image layer, and Analyze your GIS resource.