10001: Layer's data source has a different projection <value> than the map's projection

The web layer being shared will be in the projection of your map. One of the layers in your map is in a different coordinate system than that of the map. This requires on-the-fly projection, which can affect drawing performance. The value parameter indicates the projection of the data source.


  • Do nothing. In some situations, on-the-fly map projection for some datasets may not degrade performance severely. For example, datasets with a small number of simple features (such as points or line and polygon features with few vertices) may display relatively quickly in spite of the need to perform on-the-fly projection.
  • Change the projection of the map to match the projection of the layer. For more information on how to change the map's coordinate system, see Specify a coordinate system.
  • Project the layer's data source to match the projection of the map. Then change the data source of the layer to the newly projected data. For more information, see Project.

More information

The map's coordinate system does not need to be the same as the data you are using. However, if the map has to project layers on the fly, it takes longer to draw. If the delay is significant, changes to the map or data sources' coordinate system should be made.