24016: Mosaic dataset contains error(s) found during item-level analysis

Mosaic datasets have their own analyzer to ensure that the mosaic dataset is functioning properly and efficiently. This mosaic dataset has at least one error or warning. It is recommended that you fix any mosaic dataset errors for your web layer to work optimally.


Resolve all errors. It is recommended that you open the mosaic dataset in ArcGIS Pro.

  1. In the Catalog pane, right-click the mosaic dataset and click Optimize > Analyze Mosaic Dataset.

    The Analyze Mosaic Dataset pane opens.

  2. Choose which checks should be performed and click Analyze.
  3. Right-click each message to get more information, read help for the error, and click suggested fixes.

More information

When sharing a mosaic dataset as a web layer, the mosaic dataset will be analyzed. This analysis does not examine the contents of the mosaic dataset. It is recommended that you analyze a mosaic dataset using the Analyze Mosaic Dataset tool before you share it.

Errors are categorized into the following levels:

  • Error/High—Indicates an issue that may adversely affect the basic desktop roaming or sharing of the mosaic dataset, for example, invalid visibility or cannot open the raster dataset.
  • Error/Medium—Indicates an issue that directly affects the authoring experience. Geoprocessing tools under the mosaic dataset toolset are likely to fail because of this issue, for example, empty mosaic or invalid raster type ID.
  • Error/Low—Indicates an issue that might affect some aspects related to the mosaic dataset (or any derived image service), for example, invalid center XY or broken paths.

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