24042: Layer's feature template uses unsupported construction tool

The feature template you set includes a construction tool that is not supported by the web feature layer.


  • Change the construction tool used by the template to one that is supported.
  • Do nothing. The tool downgrades to use the default construction tool.

More information

Inserting new features through a feature service is accomplished using feature templates from the map document. A template allows you to digitize a new feature and have the attributes set appropriately by default. If templates do not already exist, a default template is created per type when you start an edit session, or publish the service. Within ArcGIS Pro, you can also create new templates or modify existing templates to customize the editing experience through the web feature layer. This includes setting a default construction tool that is used to create that type of feature.

There are different types of construction tools available depending on the type of feature the template creates. For example, if you have a line template, you can only select tools that can be used to create line features. The construction tool saved with the templates will be available through the web feature layer.

Unsupported construction tools include:

  • Points
    • Point At End Of Line
    • Create Point Along Line
  • Lines
    • Right Angle Line Tool
    • Split
    • Spider Line Tool
    • 2 Point Line Tool
    • Trace Line Tool
  • Polygons
    • Right Angle Polygon Tool
    • Trace Polygon Tool

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