24043: Layers or tables related to <value> are not in the map

You are sharing a web feature layer (or a map image layer, vector tile layer, or web scene layer with an associated feature layer) from a map containing a layer or table that participates in a relationship class. Web feature layers allow queries on related data when layers and tables involved in the relationship class are in the map. The related layers or tables are not in the map and cannot be queried through the web feature layer.

The <value> parameter refers to a layer or stand-alone table.


Do one of the following:

  • Add the related layers or tables to the map, including any attributed relationship class tables. To access the relate information, do the following:

    Hover over the analyzer message, click the Options button Options that appears, and click Show Relates. In the Layer Properties or Standalone Table Properties dialog box, on the Relates tab, the relate and relationship class are displayed.

  • Do nothing. The relationship will be ignored, and you will not be able to view related data when querying features from the web feature layer.

Additional information

For additional information, see Relationships and ArcGIS, Create Relationship Class, and Analyze your GIS resource.