24125: Service layer's item ID will not be included

You are sharing a service layer with a portal item ID that will not be included in the web map or web scene. An item ID for a service layer is included in a web map or web scene if it is available in the map or scene being shared and is valid for the active portal. An item ID is automatically stored in a map or scene upon adding the service layer directly from its portal item. However, if a service layer is added by changing the data source of a layer through the layer's properties, an item ID will not be stored or updated in a map or scene.


Do one of the following:

  • Add the service layer directly to the map or scene from its portal item to ensure that the correct item ID will be included.
  • Do nothing. The web map or web scene will be shared without the service layer's item ID.

Additional information

An item ID is a unique identifier for portal items. It is not required to include web layers in a web map or web scene. Web maps, web scenes, and web apps that contain a reference to the web layer's item ID will have access to updated content if the web layer is overwritten or its content is replaced. An item ID is needed to create or modify feature templates for hosted web feature layers in Map Viewer Classic.

For more information, see Create feature templates in Map Viewer Classic and Analyze your GIS resource.