24126: Elements with a locally referenced file path may not display correctly in the pop-up

You are sharing a web layer with one or more image or hyperlink sources defined in the pop-up that may not be accessible by others or applications. This can occur if you are using a local file path, such as C:\ images\image01.png, or you are using a field or Arcade expression to define the path to the image file where the data may contain local path URLs.

There are three situations that can cause this warning:

  • An image element in the pop-up does not display because it uses a local file path.
  • An image element in the pop-up does not display because it uses a field or Arcade expression for its file path.
  • A text element link in the pop-up does not resolve because it contains a local file path.

When multiple warnings are detected in a single layer, they are grouped into a single primary warning.


Do one of the following:

  • Open the Configure Pop-ups pane for the layer and update the source URL definitions for image elements and text element hyperlinks in the layer.
  • Remove the image or text element if it is not needed.
  • Do nothing. The image or hyperlink may not display properly.

Additional information

When viewing the selected layer as a web map or web layer in another application or from another machine, the image may not display properly and the hyperlink may fail to resolve. The source content should be moved to an accessible location when the referenced image content cannot be reached. It is recommended that you avoid using local path names for image elements. Use images on a publicly accessible site, such as an image hosting service, instead.

For more information, see Analyze your GIS resource.