24148: Clustering visualization may be downgraded

Your clustered feature layer uses one or more display settings that are not supported when sharing the layer to web. The visualization of the cluster (such as the symbol's marker, size, and radius; its location; or its text symbol) may be downgraded in a way that results in a different visualization.


Do one of the following:

  • Do nothing. The client will apply the appropriate defaults, resulting in changes to the visualization of the shared layer.
  • Adjust the visibility of clusters to avoid the limitations.
  • Remove the layer if it is not needed.

More information

A clustered feature layer can have two primary symbology types—one for the unclustered feature symbols and one for the cluster symbols. The symbols in the web feature layer are based on the symbology of the unclustered features. Thus, web maps and web layers always create the clustered features based on the primary symbology of the unclustered features. Authoring or updating the symbology in ArcGIS Pro and sharing the layer results in the visualization reverting back to the default settings in the respective client applications.

With cluster text, there are limitations when sharing a layer with summary statistic fields. You can only use the feature count summary statistic in cluster text; any other summary field will be downgraded to the default settings.

Additionally, web feature layers do not support some symbology types. See 24082: Layer's symbol will be downgraded for further information.