24162: <value> is sourced from a <value> and must be shared separately to include it in <value>

You are sharing a web map or web scene, but a layer in the map or scene will not be published. It must be shared separately as a web layer before it can be included in the web map or web scene.

Layers sourced from a GeoPackage cannot be shared directly in a web map or web scene.

The first <value> parameter refers to the layer name.

The second <value> parameter refers to the data source.

The third <value> parameter is either web map or web scene.


Do one of the following:

  • If the layer is sourced from a GeoPackage, share it separately as a web layer.

    Right-click the layer, point to Sharing, click Share As Web Layer Publish Web Layer, and share a web feature layer that copies all the data. Once shared, add the web layer to the map or scene and share the web map or web scene.

  • Do nothing. The layer will be removed from the web map or web scene.

Additional information

For more information, see Analyze your GIS resource.