Save a service definition for a geoprocessing service

With ArcGIS Pro, you can save service definitions for your geoprocessing service to be shared to a stand-alone ArcGIS Server at a later time. A service definition file (.sd) contains the information of how the geoprocessing service is going to be published and configured in ArcGIS Enterprise. See Introduction to saving service definitions to learn more about how service definitions can be used in your organization's sharing workflows.

Save a connected service definition for a geoprocessing service

A connected service definition is configured for a specific server connection. The option to save a service definition is available in the Publish Geoprocessing Service pane. Just like publishing a geoprocessing service, you must run the tool at least once to get the correct result before you save it as a service definition. You must have the role of Administrator to save as a service definition.


Save as an offline service definition for geoprocessing service, which is not configured for any specific server connection, is not available now.

To save a connected service definition for a geoprocessing service, complete the following steps:

  1. Add the server connection with the steps of Add new ArcGIS server connection. If the connection is not an administrator connection, edit it with the steps of Configure ArcGIS server connection type.
  2. Follow the steps in Publish a geoprocessing service to open the Publish Geoprocessing Service pane.
  3. Set the publish pane properties using the steps of Set the geoprocessing service properties.
  4. Under Finish Sharing, click Analyze to check for problems.

    Errors and warnings are listed on the Messages tab. Right-click a message to open its help topic or take corrective action in the software. Errors Error must be resolved before you can publish the geoprocessing service. Resolving warnings Warning is recommended but not required.

    Learn more about analyzing GIS resources.

  5. After you have resolved errors, and optionally, resolved warnings, click the Publish drop-down arrow and click Save as SD.

    The Save As Service Definition File dialog box appears.

  6. On the dialog box, specify the location where you want to save the file, provide the name, and click Save.
  7. Optionally click Jobs to monitor the job status.
  8. Once the service definition has been successfully staged, click the Manage the service definition link at the bottom of the pane to open the location of the service definition file.

If you are ready to publish your service to a ArcGIS Server, see Publish a service definition.