Create a task item

A task is created in a task item. Before you create a task, you need to create a task item. Task items are stored with the currently open project and are listed under Tasks in the Catalog pane. A task item can be shared online or by exporting the task item to an .esriTasks file. An .esriTasks file can be imported and opened in other projects.

To create a task item, follow these steps:

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, click the Insert tab, click the Task arrow Tasks, and click New Task Item to open the Tasks and Task Designer panes.
  2. In the Task Designer pane, type a name and author for your task item under Name and Author, respectively.

    The task item author is optional. If you do not enter a task item name, the task item is given a default name.

  3. Type a brief summary of the item under Summary.

    A summary is necessary when sharing a task item online. A summary should provide information such as the task version, author, and the name of the person or organization that provided the task item.

  4. Type a description of the tasks in the task item under Description.

    The description should provide a high-level overview of what the tasks in your task item will achieve.

  5. Add any special restrictions, disclaimers, terms and conditions, or limitations on using the item's content under Use Limitation.

    Use limitations are displayed under Access and Use Constraints when the task item is shared online.

  6. Add tags under Tags.

    Tags are necessary when sharing a task item online. Tags allow end users to easily search for and locate the task item.

  7. Type a version number for your task item under Task Version.

    Each time you update your task item, you can change the version number. This helps you track the version of the task item when it is shared and used on multiple machines. Entering a version number also allows your users to confirm that they are using the latest version of the task item.

  8. Save the project to save the task item.
  9. Close the Task Designer pane to finish creating your task item or click New Task New Task in the Tasks pane to create a task.

Edit the task item

You can edit the properties of a task item in the Task Designer pane. Select the task item heading in the Tasks pane, click Options Menu, and click Edit In Designer to edit the task item information.

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