Associate workflows with job types

Available with Workflow Manager license.

Once you have defined a workflow, you will associate it with a job type. If the job type is active, users can create and execute jobs. You can reuse a workflow on multiple job types that follow the same sequence of steps.

  1. Start ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) Administrator and connect to your Workflow Manager (Classic) database.
  2. Expand Job Components > Workflows.
  3. Right-click Workflows and click Add Workflow or select an existing workflow and click Edit Item.

    The Workflows dialog box appears.

  4. Enter Profile information for your workflow, such as Workflow Name, Category, and Description.
  5. If you want to display step and path adornments in the workflow, check the Display step and path adornments check box.

    The Display step and path adornments must be set in Workflow Manager (Classic) Administrator and is consumed by ArcGIS Pro. This setting is enabled for new workflows by default and disabled for workflows created in a version earlier than 10.4.

  6. Use the tools to drag steps, connect steps, and define workflow properties in the workflow canvas.
  7. Validate and save the workflow.

    When a job is created from a job type, the workflow is copied into the job. Any changes to the workflow will not affect or change existing jobs in the system. The only changes that would be experienced by the user are those to the step type.

    If, for example, a step type was originally configured as procedural, but you recently changed it to run an automated process, users executing workflows that contain that type of step would see that change.

  8. Click OK on the Workflow dialog box.
  9. Expand Job Components and click Job Types.

    The list will contain all the currently configured job types.

    Learn more about job types

  10. Right-click the job type you want to associate with the workflow and click Edit Item.
  11. The Job Type dialog box appears.
  12. Click the Workflow drop-down arrow and select the workflow you want to associate with the job type.
  13. Click OK.

    The workflow is associated with the job type.