Configure default properties

Available with Workflow Manager license.

Default properties allow administrators to seed jobs with consistent properties by job type, and each job thereafter will have default values for certain attributes. For example, you can seed the job description so that it is consistent throughout all jobs of this type. Another example could be setting the job duration, as it's possible that all jobs of a certain type will take two weeks to complete. In this case, upon creation, the job's due date would be set to two weeks after the current date.

The following properties can have default values:

  • Assigned To—The user or group the job is assigned to. You can assign the job to the person who created the job by selecting [Job Creator] from the available list of users.
  • Start Date—The date the job is due to start. You can choose to have the start day always be the day the job was created by using the Creation Day option.
  • Job Duration—The number of days the job is expected to last.
  • Due Date—The date the job is due.
  • Data Workspace—The location for the spatial data used for the job.
  • Allow Data Workspace To Be Changed—If the data workspace selected is the only valid data source, uncheck this check box. This will prevent users from changing the data workspace.
  • Parent Version—The version that is used to spawn all job versions.

When a feature service Data Workspace is chosen, the Parent Version is set to sde.Default and the input is unavailable.

  • Priority—The importance of the job.

Learn more about creating priorities in Workflow Manager (Classic)

  • Job Description—A description of the job.

Complete these steps to configure default properties:

  1. Open ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) Administrator and connect to your Workflow Manager (Classic) database.
  2. Expand Job Components > Job Types.
  3. Right-click the job type for which you want to edit default properties and click Edit Item.

    The Job Type dialog box appears.

  4. Click the Default Properties tab and provide default values for the properties as necessary.

    If the check box next to Start Date or Due Date is not checked, the value will not be used.