Reopen closed jobs

Available with Workflow Manager license.

You can reopen jobs that have been closed to maintain historical information and other job properties that aren't preserved when jobs are cloned. Complete these jobs to reopen a closed job:

  1. Open the Workflow View if necessary.
    1. Click the View tab.
    2. Click the Workflow Manager drop-down arrow and click Workflow View (Classic).

      The workflow view appears.

  2. Select the closed job that you want to reopen in the Job List section.

    To select multiple jobs, press and hold the Ctrl key while selecting jobs.


    Offline jobs can't be reopened.

  3. On the Workflow tab in the Actions group, click Reopen Reopen.

    If you don't have the CanReopenClosedJobs privilege, you can't reopen closed jobs.

    The job is reopened, the job history is updated to indicate that the job was reopened, and the job resumes the current step that was active when the job was closed.