Share Workflow Manager (Classic) packages

Available with Workflow Manager license.

A Workflow Manager (Classic) package (.wpk) is a compressed file that contains job components and allows you to share the elements of your Workflow Manager (Classic) database with colleagues in your organization or other ArcGIS users. The package can be shared via email or by copying and pasting it to other locations on your internal network. Alternatively, you can the package with a much wider audience by sharing it through your ArcGIS Online account and Portal for ArcGIS. Once you have uploaded the package to your online account, you can share it with private groups or with everyone.

The job components that can be shared as a Workflow Manager (Classic) package are job types, workflows, and step types. The element’s hierarchy packages the supporting elements; thus, the job type packages, the workflow, and the step types. Similarly, the workflow will also package the step types.

If a step type references system tools, the path is automatically updated when the package is imported to a different version of ArcGIS. The models, scripts, and custom tools referenced in step types are packaged, along with the step types, when the package is imported. They are imported into the default Workflow Manager (Classic) folder, and the path in step type is automatically redirected to this folder.

  1. Start ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) Administrator and connect to your Workflow Manager (Classic) database.
  2. Expand Job Components > Job Types.
  3. Right-click the job type you want to share and click Share As Workflow Manager Package.

    The Workflow Package dialog box appears.

  4. Click Upload package to my organization account.
  5. Click the Item Description tab and provide descriptive information for your package.
    1. Provide a summary that describes the workflow package in the Summary text box.
    2. Provide tags in the Tags text box or click Choose Your Tags to use existing tags.
    3. Optionally, you can provide additional information in the Description, Access and Use Constraints, and Credits text boxes as necessary.
  6. Click the Sharing tab and select the groups with which you want to share the package.
  7. Click Share.

    The package is shared with the selected groups.