Use portal maps and layouts in jobs

Available with Workflow Manager license.

ArcGIS Pro maps (.mapx) and layouts (.pagx) available on Portal for ArcGIS can be used with jobs once they are added to your Workflow Manager (Classic) database.

  • Maps (.mapx) can be used as the job's template map or the AOI basemap.
  • Layouts (.pagx) can only be used as a job's template map.

When a portal map or a layout is configured to be used in a job, the item is opened in your ArcGIS Pro project based on your active portal connection.

  • If your active portal connection is different from the portal connection that is being used by the portal map and you are signed in to the map's portal connection, the active portal is automatically switched to the map's portal connection.

  • If your active portal connection is the same as the map's or layout's portal connection but you are not signed in, a Sign In dialog box is displayed.

  • In cases where no portal is configured for ArcGIS Pro, an error message is displayed.

This portal map item (.mapx) can be used with LaunchArcMap and DefineAOI step types in ArcGIS Pro. An ArcGIS Pro layout (.pagx) can only be used with the LaunchArcMap step type.

These steps open a map view with a specified set of layers predefined in the portal map to initiate editing. Other functionality, such as using an alternative MXD file, repointing a map layer version, and associating task files, is also available for these portal map items (.mapx and .pagx).

Zooming to LOI and applying edit restrictions are not available for ArcGIS Pro layouts (.pagx). However, if there is an LOI defined, a bookmark is added that can be accessed using Manage Bookmarks.

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When a step is paused or completed, the changes made in the map file are saved in the job's map and stored in the Workflow Manager (Classic) database. Relaunching the step opens the map file saved in the database. All of the map properties are preserved.