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In This Topic
    CompositeHVDatumTransformation Class
    In This Topic
    A composite hv (horizontal/vertical) datum transformation class is an ordered list of HVDatumTransformation classes. The hv datum transformations are applied in the order they are stored.
    Object Model
    CompositeHVDatumTransformation ClassCompositeHVDatumTransformation ClassCompositeHVDatumTransformation ClassDatumTransformation ClassSpatialReference ClassHVDatumTransformation ClassSpatialReference Class
    public sealed class CompositeHVDatumTransformation : DatumTransformation 
    Public NotInheritable Class CompositeHVDatumTransformation 
       Inherits DatumTransformation
    var cimMapDefinition = MapView.Active.Map.GetDefinition();
    // use if map's sr does not have a vertical coordinate system
    var datumTransformations = cimMapDefinition.DatumTransforms;
    // use if map's sr has a vertical coordinate system
    var hvDatumTransformations = cimMapDefinition.HVDatumTransforms;
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    Target Platforms: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1

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