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ProximityResult Class Members

ArcGIS.Core.Geometry Namespace : ProximityResult Class

The following tables list the members exposed by ProximityResult.

Public Properties
Public Property Gets the distance between the input query point and the nearest point found.  
Public Property Gets the index of the part in which the point was found.  
Public Property Gets the point found.  
Public PropertyGets the index of the point that was found. Only relevant if calling GeometryEngine.NearestVertex, otherwise point index is null.  
Public PropertyIs the point rightSide or leftSide? Only relevant if calling GeometryEngine.NearestPoint.  
Public PropertyGets the segment index of the segment containing the nearest point. The segment index is relative to the part index. For example, if PartIndex = 2 and SegmentIndex = 0, it means segment 0 in part 2. Only relevant if calling GeometryEngine.NearestPoint, otherwise segment index is null.  
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