ArcGIS Pro 3.3 API Reference Guide
ArcGIS.Core.Data.Analyst3D Namespace / LasReturnType Enumeration
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In This Topic
    LasReturnType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Return1 LAS Return 1.
    Return10 LAS Return 10.
    Return11 LAS Return 11.
    Return12 LAS Return 12.
    Return13 LAS Return 13.
    Return14 LAS Return 14.
    Return15 LAS Return 15.
    Return2 LAS Return 2.
    Return3 LAS Return 3.
    Return4 LAS Return 4.
    Return5 LAS Return 5.
    Return6 LAS Return 6.
    Return7 LAS Return 7.
    Return8 LAS Return 8.
    Return9 LAS Return 9.
    ReturnFirstOfMany First of multi-return.
    ReturnLast Last return.
    ReturnLastOfMany Last of multi-return.
    ReturnSingle Single return.
    Get classification codes / Returns from a LAS Dataset
    var classCodes = lasDataset.GetUniqueClassCodes();
    var returns = lasDataset.GetUniqueReturns();
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    Target Platforms: Windows 11, Windows 10

    ArcGIS Pro version: 3.2 or higher.
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