An overview of the Area and Volume toolset

Calculating the surface area and volume of spaces contained between 3D data is an integral part of many spatial operations. The Area and Volume toolset contains tools that provide solutions for analyzing change between surfaces and generating volumetric representations of 3D data.


Cut Fill

Calculates the volume change between two surfaces. This is typically used for cut and fill operations.

Difference 3D

Eliminates portions of multipatch features in a target feature class that overlap with enclosed volumes of multipatch features in the subtraction feature class.

Extrude Between

Creates 3D features by extruding each input feature between two triangulated irregular network (TIN) datasets.

Minimum Bounding Volume

Creates multipatch features that represent the volume of space occupied by a set of 3D features.

Polygon Volume

Calculates the volume and surface area between a polygon of a constant height and a surface.

Surface Difference

Calculate the displacement between two surfaces to determine where one is above, below or the same as the other surface.

Surface Volume

Calculates the area and volume of the region between a surface and a reference plane.

Tools in the Area and Volume toolset

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