An overview of the Raster toolset

The Raster toolset contains tools for converting raster surfaces and extracting their footprint alongside tools for reclassifying raster data, interpolating surfaces from point measurements, performing math operations using cell values, and generating surface derivatives such as slope, contour, aspect, and curvature.



The Conversion tool provide tools for converting rasters to different formats.


The Raster Interpolation tools create a continuous (or prediction) surface from sampled point values.


The Raster Math tools perform mathematical operations on input rasters.


The Raster Reclass tools provide a variety of methods that allow you to reclassify or change input cell values to alternative values.


With the Raster Surface tools, you can quantify and visualize a terrain landform represented by a digital elevation model.

Tools in the Conversion toolset

Learn more about tools for performing the following operations on raster data: