An overview of the Terrain Dataset toolset

The Terrain Dataset toolset contains tools that create and manage terrain datasets. Terrain datasets are TIN-based, multiresolution surfaces created from measurements stored in feature classes. Terrains reside in feature datasets and are composed of participating feature classes and rules that govern their participation.


Add Feature Class To Terrain

Adds one or more feature classes to a terrain dataset.

Add Terrain Pyramid Level

Adds one or more pyramid levels to an existing terrain dataset.

Append Terrain Points

Appends points to a point feature referenced by a terrain dataset.

Build Terrain

Performs tasks required for analyzing and displaying a terrain dataset.

Change Terrain Reference Scale

Changes the reference scale associated with a terrain pyramid level.

Change Terrain Resolution Bounds

Changes the pyramid levels at which a feature class will be enforced for a given terrain dataset.

Create Terrain

Creates a terrain dataset.

Delete Terrain Points

Deletes points within a specified area of interest from one or more features that participate in a terrain dataset.

Remove Feature Class From Terrain

Removes reference to a feature class participating in a terrain dataset.

Remove Terrain Pyramid Level

Removes a pyramid level from a terrain dataset.

Replace Terrain Points

Replaces points referenced by a terrain dataset with points from a specified feature class.

Tools in the Terrain Dataset toolset


Terrain To Points

Converts a terrain dataset into a new point or multipoint feature class.

Terrain To Raster

Interpolates a raster using z-values from a terrain dataset.

Terrain To TIN

Converts a terrain dataset to a triangulated irregular network (TIN) dataset.

Tools in the Terrain Conversion toolset

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