Remove Terrain Pyramid Level (3D Analyst)

Available with 3D Analyst license.


Removes a pyramid level from a terrain dataset.


  • Any pyramid level can be removed except for level 0, which represents the full resolution pyramid.

  • When used in an enterprise geodatabase, the input terrain cannot be registered as versioned.


arcpy.3d.RemoveTerrainPyramidLevel(in_terrain, pyramid_level_resolution)
ParameterExplanationData Type

The terrain dataset to process.

Terrain Layer

The pyramid level to be removed as specified by its resolution.


Derived Output

NameExplanationData Type

The updated terrain.

Terrain Layer

Code sample

RemoveTerrainPyramidLevel example 1 (Python window)

The following sample demonstrates the use of this tool in the Python window.

arcpy.RemoveTerrainPyramidLevel_3d("c:/data/sample.gdb/featuredataset/terrain", 10)
RemoveTerrainPyramidLevel example 2 (stand-alone script)

The following sample demonstrates the use of this tool in a stand-alone Python script.

Name: RemoveTerrainPyramidLevel Example
Description: This script demonstrates how to add new 
             points to a terrain with the DeleteTerrainPoints tool, then use 
             the ChangeTerrainReferenceScale and RemoveTerrainPyramidLevel to
             to adjust the pyramids for reducing the amount of data stored for 
             providing an optimized display performance.
# Import system modules
import arcpy

# Set environment settings
arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/data"

# Set Local Variables
inTerrain = "sample.gdb/featuredataset/terrain"
targetPts = "mass_pts_embed"
AOI = "1379938.43267328 235633.08128634 1382756.00752135 237681.848838107"

# Execute DeleteTerrainPoints
arcpy.DeleteTerrainPoints_3d(inTerrain, targetPts, AOI)
arcpy.AddMessage("Changing the terrain reference scale...")

# Execute ChangeTerrainReferenceScale
arcpy.ChangeTerrainReferenceScale_3d(inTerrain, 500, 1000)

# Execute RemoveTerrainPyramidLevel
arcpy.RemoveTerrainPyramidLevel_3d(inTerrain, 4)

Licensing information

  • Basic: Requires 3D Analyst
  • Standard: Requires 3D Analyst
  • Advanced: Requires 3D Analyst

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