Geoprocessing in different locales and regions

Geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS Pro run according to the active user locale setting.

The active user locale will influence the following:

  • Geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcPy in ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcPy in the Python Command Prompt

The following examples, compare an English operating system with German (Germany) set as the user locale, with an English operating system with English (United States) set as the user locale.

To switch the user locale, press the Windows button, type intl.cpl and then press Enter. The same setting can be accessed by clicking Windows > Settings > Time & Language > Region > Regional format.

German (Germany) user locale

Geoprocessing pane

Parameters that accept numeric values behave differently depending on the decimal separator of the user locale. In the following, the Buffer tool's Distance parameter is used as an example. The Distance parameter accepts a value and a linear unit type.

With Germany (Germany) set as the user locale, a value of 4,5 is valid as a comma is used as the decimal separator in Germany.

Buffer tool in a German environment

A value of 4.5 updates to 4,5 to comply with the user locale region setting (German (Germany)).

With a user locale of English (United States), a value of 4.5 is valid as a period is used as a decimal separator in the United States.

Buffer tool in an English environment

Python in ArcGIS Pro

The behavior observed in the Geoprocessing pane is also observed in the Python window and in ArcGIS Notebooks. The Python locale mirrors the user locale.

Python window with locale commands

Python window with the Buffer tool

Working with ArcPy in Python

Working in Python with ArcPy modules and functions will have the same behavior as working in ArcGIS Pro.

Python command prompt in German OS