Geoprocessing tool errors and warnings

Geoprocessing tools return error and warning messages with a six-digit ID.

Each ID has a corresponding topic in the ArcGIS Pro help system. Each topic provides further explanation of the error or warning and potential solutions where applicable.

The six-digit ID is a link in the Geoprocessing pane, the Python window, and the History pane. When you click the link, the applicable help topic opens.

In the offline help system, the ID codes are in the Geoprocessing Tools help. In both the online help system and offline help system, you can search for a code using the full six-digit ID including any leading zeros.

History log files

Information about the geoprocessing tools you run can be saved in an external log file, including error and warning messages.

Geoprocessing operations are logged when the Write geoprocessing operations to XML log file option is checked. In Python, the SetLogHistory function provides the same capability.

In rare cases, the log file may include internal system errors that accompany the standard error code. These messages may provide additional information for correcting and dealing with the cause of the error.

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