An overview of the GPS toolset

The GPS toolset contains tools to convert between GPS Exchange Format (GPX) and feature classes.

GPX is an XML data format maintained by TopoGrafix for saving the results from a GPS receiver. This XML-based standard allows GPS waypoints (points), tracks (lines), and routes to be saved and shared. Points are collected in the WGS 1984 coordinate system and are saved in a latitude–longitude pairing, usually with time and elevation information. Converting GPX files to features allows for their use in ArcGIS. Converting features to a GPX file allows for the use of ArcGIS feature data in various third-party GPS applications.


Features To GPX

Converts point, multipoint, or polyline features to a GPX format file (.gpx).

GPX To Features

Converts the point data in a .gpx file to features.

Tool in the GPS toolset

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