An overview of the To Collada toolset

COLLADA—which stands for COLLAborative Design Activity—is an open-standard XML format for storing 3D models. It is often used as an interchange format for 3D applications, and is the format for 3D textured objects stored inside KML. COLLADA files have the .dae file extension and can reference additional image files that act as textures draped onto the 3D object. Exporting multipatch features to COLLADA allows the sharing of complex analysis results with others and also provides a mechanism for updating textured 3D GIS data, such as buildings, using third-party software like SketchUp or 3DS Max.


Multipatch To Collada

Converts one or more multipatch features into a collection of COLLADA files (.dae) and referenced texture image files in an output folder.

Tools in the To Collada toolset

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