An overview of the To Geodatabase toolset

The To Geodatabase toolset contains tools that convert and write data to a geodatabase format.


BIM File To Geodatabase

Imports the contents of one or more BIM file workspaces into a single geodatabase feature dataset.

CAD To Geodatabase

Reads a CAD dataset and creates feature classes of the drawing. The feature classes are written to a geodatabase feature dataset.

Export Features

Converts a feature class or feature layer to a new feature class.

Export Table

Exports the rows of a table or table view to a new table.

Extract BIM File Floorplan

Extracts 2.5D floor plan data from a BIM file workspace into a geodatabase dataset.

Extract Locations From Document

Analyzes documents containing unstructured or semistructured text, such as email messages, travel forms, and so on, and extracts locations to a point feature class.

Extract Locations From Text

Analyzes input text or a text file and extracts locations to a point feature class

Feature Class To Geodatabase

Converts one or more feature classes or feature layers to geodatabase feature classes.

Mobile Geodatabase To File Geodatabase

Copies the contents of a mobile geodatabase to a new file geodatabase.

Raster To Geodatabase

Loads raster datasets into a geodatabase.

Table To Geodatabase

Converts one or more tables to geodatabase tables in an output geodatabase.

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